Our history!


The year is 1998 in Sälen with a mobile that has contact with the operator, allowing for contact with the outside world.

Previously, I have a fancy to impress comrades made, clear that there are no problems to get tickets to a concert by the Rolling Stones.

After trying to use a direct number the day before the ticket release, it become clear to me that it only goes through official channels.

A tips I got was calling directly at 09.00.

Arrived at the callcenter, and the question was, if it should be eight tickets, which were maximum tickets to buy, I said, we take eight tickets, thanks.

The question was now to be with, we were only four who said that they wanted to. It came to be fine by me, Uffe, Nicke and Anders.

So we asked Kaj and he asked Kjelle.

Two seats remained and Nicke recruited Håkan and Mats, and then we were eight.

Now began the planning for the trip to Gothenburg and the concert, the place for the planning became to be Kassmyrakiosken in Tumba. Each session began with beer and food after which we decided to go by train, stay at the hotel Fri-Sun, get your own tour shirt.


And then Golden 8 was launched. (How that trip was is in the first travelogue).


Over the years, some participants enden and new to come and our activity have expanded.

Håkan left because he lives in Växjö and Mats moved and was preoccupied with work etc..

Following Håkan Svenne was elected in 2004 and became an apprentice for three years with the economy liability (purse holder).


Bosse came into the group at the election in Prague in 2007 and Svenne was finally able to hand over the apprentice wand with pleasure to Bosse.


The business was expanded with more Rolling Stones concerts and cooking (home cooking), beer, whiskey, V-75 (horses) and travel.


Our motto is the Rolling Stones, beer, whiskey, home cooking and now Wine. The cuisine has reached many exellent finished work.


Every month each participant pays a sum into an account which was later used for joint travel and other commitments.


Golden 8 has invested in 3 whiskey casks from Mackmyra Whiskey.


Our comrades (wifes) at home celebrated each Christmas when everyone gets a Christmas present of the firm.

All the women received the same gifts. The shopping occurs after a good lunch on our favorite Tennstopet.


You can follow our activities through our travelogues, recipes and various other comments on our forum.


Written by Lennart Ölmebäck


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